Heat styling is quick, easy, and leaves your hair looking beautiful. Yet heat styling, as we all know, is rather harmful to your hair. While after the first styling, you may not be able to see burnt hair, you will eventually notice how damaged your hair is, if you don’t care for it properly. Follow the tips below to reduce heat damage and maintain a healthy head of hair.

Limit Usage.

If you don’t need to use heat to style your hair, wear it naturally.  For some extra volume and a light wave, braid it while wet and let it dry overnight. Your hair will be healthier and less damaged by avoiding curling and flat irons as much as possible. We know sometimes it’s not an option to avoid them entirely but try not to use heating tools every day.


Heat dehydrates your hair. Make sure to use a hydrating product before and after utilizing hot styling tools to keep your hair hydrated and stop it from burning out!

Dry it.

You’re essentially frying your hair when you apply heated tools to damp hair. ⠀ The heat of the tools turns water into steam, and as it escapes, it kills the hair thread. Use heating tools only on dry hair to prevent this type of damage.

Heat-Free Styles.

Heat-Free styles help you avoid heat completely. For tight curls, try foam curlers and hook-and-loop self-fastening rollers for smooth waves. Some other great styling choices are updos and braids.

Know Your Hair.

You can adjust the temperature of your hot tools accordingly, depending on the type of hair texture you have. You don’t need to use a lot of heat to achieve the look you need if you have thin hair. You can turn the heat up on your hair tools if you have thick hair, but you should work your way up. You will, for sure, burn your hair if you jump straight to the highest level. 

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