For some kids, getting a haircut can be a stressful experience. It’s even worse for mom or dad, in some
cases. There are some kids that scream while others won’t sit still. Some completely refuse to get in the
However, this doesn’t mean you and your child can’t have an enjoyable haircut experience. If you want
to ensure that everything goes smoothly, use the tips found here.
Choose the Right Professionals
To begin with, make sure you find a salon that specializes in cutting children’s hair. This is something
that can be tricky. There’s no child that’s going to sit completely still and some refuse to cooperate.
However, even if your child sits as still as a statute, there are several other challenges that those
experienced with cutting children’s hair can deal with.
For most kids, hair doesn’t always come in evenly. This means you need a stylist who knows how to deal
with these issues. Finding someone with the right experience is going to pay off.
Tell Your Child Their Getting a Trim
When it comes to kids, you have to choose your words carefully. For children, calling it a “hair trim” is
much less intimidating than a “haircut.” Most children associating the word cutting with something
that’s going to hurt.
As you start to prepare your child for their trip to the salon, make sure you let them know that it’s just
like where you go to have your hair taken care of. This can help ease some of their anxiety.
Let Them Watch You Have Your Hair Trimmed
Most children want to be just like their parents. In some situations, it’s a good idea to let your child see
you go first. This will give them peace of mind it doesn’t hurt.
Find a Way to Distract Your Child
Make sure you have a way to distract your child while they are getting their haircut. This can include
snacks, such as animal crackers and juice, books, bubbles, or anything else they may enjoy and take their
mind off something they aren’t sure about.
Some stylists will even go as far as to use special clippers to give haircuts to dolls and other toys.
Anything that makes a child more comfortable is going to be beneficial when it is time to get a haircut.
Go When the Salon is Slow
Most stylists understand that getting a haircut is a big deal for any child – especially if it is their first one.
This is a special occasion and you may even have a few extra people coming with you. However, for a
child, this may seem overwhelming.
As a result, it’s a good idea to schedule a child’s first appointment at a slow time and bring along as few
people as necessary. It will help everything go smoothly.

Scheduling Your Child’s Haircut
Getting your child’s haircut should be enjoyable for everyone. Use the tips and information here to
ensure that the quality experience you hoped for will be had.