As a man, you’ve probably been shaving with a safety razer ever since the first hair cropped
upon your chin as a teenager. After all, it’s probably the way you were taught to shave by your
father or your older brother. While this may have been getting the job done for you throughout
your adult life, the fact is, you could be experiencing a vastly superior shave with a straight
razor. Getting a professional shave with a straight razor is a one-of-a-kind experience, giving
you a cleaner, smoother shave with less irritation and inflammation. However, if you’re uncertain
about the benefits of getting a straight razor shave, allow us to shed some light on why you
need to get a straight razor shave today.
Enjoy a Closer Shave
Many of the major razor retailers want you to believe that the more blades that a razor has, the
better your shave will be. That really couldn’t be further from the truth! When you get a
professional shave with a straight razor, you will enjoy a shave that is closer than any shave
you’ve had before. While shaving with a conventional safety razor will give you the dreaded five
o’clock shadow, you will find that you can go much longer (up to two to three days) between
shaves with a straight razor.
Experience Less Irritation
Conventional razors can dull extremely quickly, which means that the blade will drag across
your face instead of gliding smoothly over it. This means that you’re at a much greater risk of
ingrown hairs and irritation, leading to painful inflammation and ingrown hairs on your face.
Again, razor companies want you to believe that multiple blades are gentler on your skin, but
don’t be fooled. If you want a gentler, smoother shave, you need to be shaved with a straight
Keep Breakouts at Bay
Many men are vulnerable to acne breakouts, even into their 20s and 30s and older. Blemishes
can be caused by a variety of factors, but the number one cause of an acne breakout is due to
clogged pore. Conventional safety razors not only irritate your skin, increasing your risk of
bumps, they’re also hard to keep clean and sanitary. A straight razor, on the other hand, is
always property sanitized after every use to ensure proper hygiene. If you do have an active
acne breakout, a straight razor won’t further irritate your spots, meaning you’ll feel much more
comfortable after your shave.
Many people understandably have a little bit of trepidation about shaving with straight razors.
The appearance of these blades can definitely be quite intimidating! Getting a shave with a
straight razor, though, can be one of the best things you can do for your face and neck. To learn
more about the benefits of getting a straight razor shave, or to set up a shave, please give
contact us at (972) 430-9048 or set up your appointment using our convenient online portal! We
look forward to seeing you!