All too often, people treat stylish hair as something only women care about. However, looking good is gender-neutral. And men that want to dress to impress should consider going beyond their regular haircut. A growing trend in men’s fashion is the use of subtle or bold highlights in hairstyles. Here are some of the reasons why men should consider getting balayage highlights from M Hair Salon.

One of the benefits of balayage highlights is in the name. Highlights can instantly turn dull hair into something eye-catching. This attention doesn’t have to be from shock. Subtle highlights can be just as effective as massive color changes in making your hair more noticeable. The way highlights can go from subtle to ostentatious makes them an excellent way to showcase your personality in your hair. 

In many modern hairstyles, highlights are used in more subtle ways than in the past. When used a certain way, hair highlights can give you a more natural look. One way to do this is by using balayage to add visual texture to your hair. At M Hair Salon, we can emphasize the texture and layers of your hair with small pieces of slightly lighter color scattered throughout. This means no two people will have precisely the same highlights. 

Balayage can also be used to give the impression of physical texture to a hairstyle. This is particularly useful if the person has hair that’s naturally straight hair that’s limp when it’s not styled. Lightening areas around the cuticle will give the appearance or more texture. 

It’s essential to keep in mind that highlights for men serve a different purpose than highlights for women. For men, balayage highlights are meant to accentuate small areas of the hair, while women’s highlight often goes for more overall lightened effect. In a recent article about men’s highlights, GQ magazine wrote, “This is fairly universal across different hair lengths, too. Women will highlight larger clusters of hair, as if to let the darker roots show through, whereas men’s highlights flatter more when scattered strategically, like light undertones.”

Balayage highlights for men are not jobs you should do on your own. As we’ve described, the process for getting the perfect highlight is meticulous. You need to choose the right tones and highlight the right hairs to get the best effect. People who attempt to do it on their own end up with obvious mistakes which draws attention to their hair for the wrong reasons. With years of experience with men’s hairstyle, it best to leave this work to M Hair Salon

There are a lot of ways to use balayage and foil highlights to complement a man’s hairstyle. When you book your next appointment with M Hair Salon, talk to us about what you want to achieve with your hairstyle. We’ll let you know the method and color that’s best for you. You can trust us to deliver a look that you will love, and that’s worth the effort. 

If you have any questions about the services we provide at M Hair Salon, send us a message online. You can also book your next appointment for fantastic hair care service from our website. We look forward to seeing you soon!