We all know that there are many hair salons in the Plano area.

How do people choose?

At M Hair Salon, we understand why so many of our customers choose to stay with us for years. 

It’s a delicate process figuring out the best place to get your hair done. We are happy to report that our excellent services and attractive options keep customers coming in the door rather than scouting around for other neighborhood salons! It’s all related to how we treat people, and what we offer to loyal clients. 

A Range of Services

One reason that people switch hair salons is that they get price fatigue.

When people feel like they’re paying too much for hair salon services, they’re more susceptible to other people telling them where to get a good deal.

“Oh I went to (X shop) and they only charge this much!)

It’s a major reason why people float from one salon to another looking for affordable pricing.

At M Hair Salon, our pricing starts at $25 for women, $18 for men and $15 for children. That allows us to offer hair salon services according to your family budget, and so we tend to retain those customers that are price-conscious.

Cutting-Edge Style and Technology

With that in mind, we are not a bargain-basement hair salon. We have the means and technology to really compete with sophisticated salons in the area, and so our customers know that they’re getting top-tier service and skilled help with the styles that they want.

The other major reason that people change salons is the results that they get. If they’re just not happy with how their hair is done, they’re likely to look around for a better fit.

Our customers keep walking in the door for a very simple reason – they’re delighted with the way their hair looks, and how we are able to tailor our work to their particular needs. We deal with all sorts of hair – straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair and everything in between. We love working with our clients, and we want you to look fabulous every day! Take a look on the website to learn more about the particular styles and techniques that we use them to help you to reproduce your favorite look: Check out how we accomplish a swing haircut or balayage ombre blow out or sexy spiky short cut, lovable pixie cut or other popular looks. We’re here for you!